10 Tips To Keep You From Succumbing To Your Cravings

Do you lack the willpower required to abstain from giving in to your cravings? Do you eat great for several days and then blow it by giving in to sugary and salty foods?

We all succumb, it’s human nature, but it’s important to not beat yourself up about it and get yourself back on track as quickly as possible. A bad meal can ruin a day, but a bad day can ruin a good week.

Do you find yourself craving sugary or fatty snacks or foods? Do you beat yourself up because you lack the willpower to abstain? Well, put the boxing gloves away and try these tips to keep yourself from caving in to those crazy cravings.

  1. Don’t skip meals – Skipping meals causes you to crave. This happens because your body’s serotonin level drops making it harder for you to resist food, especially those that are bad for you. Ensure you eat enough high quality food and keep your fluid levels up.
  2. Keep yourself nourished – Ensure that you are getting enough nutrients. There are many arguments on how to keep yourself nourished. One way is to have 4-6 small meals, spread out over the day. If you are getting enough calories and keeping yourself nourished then you will not have the desire to give in to cravings.
  3. Plan your meals in advance – This way you will always have something healthy to snack on, rather than just settling for a sugary or fatty treat from the local shops. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  4. Get plenty of sleep – 6-8 hours a night is best. When you sleep you also burn fat, which is an extra bonus in reaching your goals. If you can take a 20-minute power nap that will aid you in not giving in to your cravings.
  5. Drink plenty of water – Aim for 3 litres a day to have a healthy body, flush out toxins and keep yourself from being dehydrated. Usually when we feel hungry we are actually dehydrated. Drink a large glass of water and then if you are still hungry consume your healthy pre-prepared snack.
  6. Exercise – Something as simple as taking a 30-minute walk can reduce your cravings. What happens is that it takes you away from your temptations, and better yet, it takes your mind off your cravings and boosts your endorphins to elevate your mood.
  7. Make a positive choice – Do you really need that piece of chocolate or packet of chips? Do you really want that feeling of disgust after consuming food that makes you feel yucky and bloated? Try frozen grapes as they are a healthier option over chocolate. Avoid sugar at all costs.
  8. Keep yourself busy – Its 3pm and the end of the day is nearing. You are getting restless, you are looking at the clock and you start thinking a chocolate or bag of chips would be nice. Take a deep breath, have a walk around the office, chat to a colleague and get back to work. Keep yourself busy and stop your mind from wandering. Another suggestion is to call a friend and have an enjoyable conversation; sometimes a little distraction is all that you need.
  9. Remove temptations – Get junk food out of the house.
  10. Brush your teeth – By brushing your teeth you are actually telling yourself and your brain that you have finished eating. It is amazing how such a simple thing can turn off your cravings. Pack your toothbrush and brush your teeth after every meal. Your waistline and dentist will thank you.

It really is that simple. Follow these simple tips and never give in to cravings again.