About Brad

Rosie and Alexander

So who am I?

I am a father of two (Rosie 15 & Alex 11), I am one of 7 siblings and about another 5 steps siblings (too many to count), I am madly in love with the most amazing woman you will ever meet and I am a 11 times Ironman Finisher.

I love to exercise. I swim, run, bike and various other exercise for 15-20hrs per week. I am fit but not one of these ripped freaks you see on covers of magazines. I enjoy simple things in life especially champagne, wine, chocolate and ice cream (all in moderation of course).

Until 5 years ago I was 120kg man who sat on the lounge enjoying life’s comforts (well so I thought), I was a smoker and I loved nothing better than sitting on the lounge watching DVD’s and eating pots of ice cream.

I took it upon myself that things needed to change, to tell the truth my daughter was the instigator but only I could make the initial step. I approach a local personal training studio, signed up and started my journey. They guided me on what to eat and encouraged me to exercise. I took a softly softly approach and whilst I got some results early in losing 10kg I really doubt I was taking it that serious because I was still smoking and old habits were still very evident.

Luckily for me I had amazing trainers around me that pushed me, they tapped into my competitiveness and opened up opportunities to use that competitive streak. Now I am no top 10 athlete I honestly just give it a crack and trying and better myself with each event.

Over the proceeding 5 years I lost 50kg, stopped smoking (to date I have not touched a cigarette in 4yrs) and I continue to keep the weight off.

Some people may see it as an early mid life crisis but I was restless, I wanted something different for my career, I know longer wanted digital media, the long hours in fact the big pay packet was not enough to keep me motivated. What I really wanted was to inspire people to a healthier lifestyle so I became a personal trainer which to this day is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Life as a personal trainer took some getting used to, up at 5am often finishing late evening but I am loving it. Each client has a different story, a different goal and need me to help them just as I was once helped. The life as a PT allows me to live this great life, I can train for ironman, build my business and still have plenty of time up my sleep to devote to my partner and kids.

There is nothing better than jumping out of bed to inspire someone to making positive changes for themselves. I believe in a healthy lifestyle not counting calories, carbs, proteins or fats. Life is to be lived and I for one want to live it. Yes we have to place restrictions on ourselves or educate ourselves to make better choices but there are days when eating your favourite food just has to be done.

As your personal trainer I can show you how to live life to the fullest, be healthier and still have the good things in life.

For a more in depth look at my ironman journey visit www.bradleymartens.com.

Check out our offerings and make contact, I promise you you will not regret it.

See you soon

Yours in fitness

Brad Martens