So many diets, so many choices!

Over the years we have all been bombarded with “Low Fat”, “Low Carb”, “High Protein”, “High Fat” diet solutions. No wonder we are confused about what we should be eating! The truth is that we all need protein, carbohydrates AND fats in order to have a good balanced diet which will allow our bodies to function at their maximum and also to lose fat efficiently. Again, it is simply about knowing how to make good choices in each of these categories at each meal.

I believe that all meals should contain a healthy range of proteins, carbs and fats (PCF) however what I eat training 15+ hours per week is far different to someone doing 1 PT session a week. The solution is education as eluded to in my first article. Start making changes by keeping a food diary. look at your food diary and look at where you can cut out the unnecessary and replace with better ‘healthy’ choices. Then look at your portions and ask yourself are your portions right for you. A basic principal I follow is a palm size of proteins, two fists of carbs and a table spoon of good fats.

After 2 to 3 weeks not only will you be far more knowledgable but you will be eating a more balanced diet and feeling healthier for it. It takes 21 days to form a new habit so stick with it and lean on your trainer to help you through it.

Tell us how you make changes and we will help you with practical changes where necessary to help you kick your goals.