Why Resistance Training Is Important

Body Transformations For Life combines resistance training and cardio workouts for a comprehensive fitness program that is designed to enhance the figure. Resistance training will help your body to work for you instead of against you. Sometimes referred to as strength training, these exercises target individual muscle groups with specific exercises.

Resistance exercises can be done in a gym but they can just as easily be done in your own home. A quality and varied program done 4-5 times a week is key to getting results. Any program should target major muscle groups with big compound movements such as squat variations, pull-up variations, press variations or deadlift variations. Do not focus on small target areas like your arms and nor should a workout be a set time limit of like 45 minutes. Remember in order to build and tone muscles to achieve muscular definition you need to work your muscle to the point of muscle fatigue.

It is common knowledge that women fear resistance training especially with weights. They are afraid they will develop bulky manly looking muscles. This is so far from the truth it is no longer funny. The exercises that we teach you are designed to accentuate your target area with sexy curves and tighten your core for the long lean look often seen in dancers. It is worthwhile remembering that not all women want the same thing hence why a personal trainer has a very important role to identify and implement the right course of action to allow you to reach your goal.

Resistance training can help to achieve muscle definition quickly but you need to start slowly, especially if you haven’t lifted weights in a while, or never done any weight lifting at all. Start with the major muscle groups and follow for a minimum of 4 weeks, after such time then vary up the program, get more targeted and start pushing yourself and your body, this way you can avoid early and frustrating injuries. After following your dedicated program of resistance training for a minimum of 6-12 weeks, your muscles will become stronger and more flexible and you will start to notice those beautiful curves created by your well-toned muscles! As well as this your measurements will show some fantastic results from when you first started.

Resistance training and building muscle has some fantastic hidden benefits. Each pound of muscle can burn 50 calories a day! You burn more fat with 30 minutes of resistance training than you do with a 30 minute run. The more muscular your body becomes the easier it is to burn calories. You’ll even burn calories when you sleep. It’s a proven fact that muscle burns fat even at rest.